Cold Winter Storm

Tender MomentWoke up to wind and snow this morning so the temptation to stay home was strong. But one glance down the valley toward the Sangre de Cristo Range tipped the scales in the other direction. The cap cloud over us spitting blowing snow ended somewhere over the Arkansas River Valley, revealing a clear view of the storm clouds lingering over the rugged mountain range. So I put on my warmest winter gear and headed out into the snow in quest of the perfect mountain storm image.

The deer herd I came across was a total bonus. They were so busy trying to find food under the storm that they decided to ignore me and I was able to capture quite a few images before they moved on, particularly this wonderful moment that a doe and her fawn had this tender moment! I’ll be publishing a few more of the herd later, but these were what captivated me today.

The snow was falling harder up on Victor Pass, obscuring the head frames of the old mines too much for pictures so I didn’t spend much time there. Anyway, I was happy to have captured the deer image which I was proud to place into my “Artist Choice” gallery on my web site!




Storm Warning

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Coyote on the Hunt

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