Official Start of Winter

Storm on the SangreSome might say that the official start of winter is not for a couple more weeks when the winter solstice marks the date of the southernmost point of the sun’s southward journey. But I say winter starts when I transfer all my junk from my field jacket to my winter parka. And that day was today. Six degrees yesterday morning and nine today convinced me that if I’m going to continue to go out hiking on my mountain early in the morning, the change was going to have to be now.

I was late getting out but I had a good hike and the mountains were spectacular, as they so often are in the wintertime! I also saw a herd of does along the highway, but they were too close to the guard rail to risk spooking them, so I just continued on. Now my muscles ache and I’m drinking hot tea, but the few pictures I was able to capture make me happy. I hope you enjoy them too!



Storm Warning

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