Another Good Morning With Eagles

Bald Eagles at Eleven Mile CanyonWinter weather is coming in tonight so it seemed like the eagles might know that and be out doing some extra fishing this morning. Kevin and I decided to give Eleven Mile Canyon a shot and it looked like it was going to be a good day when we saw our first two eagles within a mile of the parking lot! We got three or four good chances and made the best of it. Unfortunately the light hadn’t penetrated the deep canyon yet for some of the pictures and the resulting high ISO values required didn’t make for the clearest images at times.

It appears that the nesting pair at the entrance are the only ones in the canyon as of this time. Speckles lives somewhere up by the big dam so I imagine he will continue to fish in the reservoir until it freezes over. I think last year December 27th was the date that the ice was declared. So maybe we’ll get a glimpse of him next month! Hopefully we’ll get up to Barr Lake State Park for the big eagle migration that has already begun in earnest. We had pretty good luck there last year!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the few that I did get! Click each one to see a larger view!


Storm Warning

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Coyote on the Hunt

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