Back From Yellowstone

It was an awesome adventure but I'm glad to be back from Yellowstone National Park with a great batch of images! Lots of Work to Do! It was a great week of photography in the park and now I have a ton of work to do! I've been working since 5:00 a.m. sorting, categorizing and … Continue reading Back From Yellowstone

Hell Has Come to the Canyon

I arrived early with high hopes yesterday only to discover Hell has come to Eleven Mile Canyon By sunrise hoards of fishermen had already arrived and were roaring up and down the canyon at high speeds. I was driving slow to look into the river and up in the trees for wading birds and raptors, … Continue reading Hell Has Come to the Canyon

Summer Birds

The plan was to arrive at Manitou Lake Colorado at sunrise to photograph summer birds before the crowds of fishermen, boaters and dog walkers arrived. Unfortunately we were greeted by a couple of local track stars who had beat us to the trail and chased all the blue herons away before it was even light. … Continue reading Summer Birds