Cold Morning and a Panorama

Snow covered Collegiate Peaks Colorado

beautiful day of photgraphy with a red-tailed hawk and a panorama of the Collegiate Peaks of Colorado by #swkrullimaging

Autumn 2018

Victor Gold Mining District

Some mule deer bucks and early snow on Pikes Peak Colorado on an early autumn #photography outing.

Mountain Sunsets

I have been recording some beautiful sunsets over Cripple Creek for some time now, only with my phone, too lazy to really get out and get the best location and shoot with my good camera. Finally got the chance yesterday and I think I got some good ones 🙂 The views of the western mountains … Continue reading Mountain Sunsets

Top of the Ridge

Winter was supposed to come early to southern Colorado and Cripple Creek last night... we got a little snow and some cold but the worst of the storm came in the form of some very dense and treacherous fog for anyone trying to drive through the darkness. It did make for a beautiful night in … Continue reading Top of the Ridge