The Perfect Rig

Photography Rig by the Pristine Waters of the South Platte River

The perfect #photography rig for accessing the back country in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado by #swkrullimaging

Some Days There’s Only One

Sangre Mountain Sunrise

Not such a successful couple of days shooting, if you want to count keepers. Yesterday there was a beautiful sunrise lighting the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and I was able to get a few shots of it before the light changed... Unfortunately none of them turned out. It was a difficult situation with the … Continue reading Some Days There’s Only One

Sangre De Cristo Winter Sunset.

The smoke and haze this winter has pretty much ruined the chance for getting suitable mountain panoramas but luckily the same problem has been making for some great sunsets. I don't like shooting sunsets all the time because they can quickly get cliché and boring but there is definitely a time and place for them. … Continue reading Sangre De Cristo Winter Sunset.