Primal Morning

Coyote with Carcass

Beautiful morning of wildlife and landscape photography in the misty mountains of Colorado by #swkrullimaging

Autumn 2018

Victor Gold Mining District

Some mule deer bucks and early snow on Pikes Peak Colorado on an early autumn #photography outing.

Sangre De Cristo Winter Sunset.

The smoke and haze this winter has pretty much ruined the chance for getting suitable mountain panoramas but luckily the same problem has been making for some great sunsets. I don't like shooting sunsets all the time because they can quickly get cliché and boring but there is definitely a time and place for them. … Continue reading Sangre De Cristo Winter Sunset.

Further Exploration

The day started out in a tizzy when Photoshop informed I had one day to log into the Creative Cloud or my subscription was going to be closed. I had no idea, I am used to Photoshop managing the subscription and updates automatically. So I checked and sure enough, no updates have been applied and … Continue reading Further Exploration