Alpenglow on the Sangre de Cristo Range

watch the alpenglow phenomenon descending upon the majestic Sangre de Cristo Range of #colorado

Dumb and Dumber Photography

Mule Deer Bucks

That scene in the movie when they were headed back across Nebraska going in the wrong direction... "I thought the Rocky Mountains would be much higher"... "Yeah, that John Denver is full of sh*t!". Lol, that's about how I feel right now after a previous blog post. I was looking at the google map on … Continue reading Dumb and Dumber Photography

Eclipse Party on Bald Mountain

Kind of forgot about this... until I downloaded the camera chip from yesterday's shoot and discovered these images were still unprocessed! Well, better late than never 🙂 Actually I almost missed the event completely. On the day of the eclipse I was just out making my usual rounds, going to the gym, getting supplies for … Continue reading Eclipse Party on Bald Mountain