Yellowstone Hilarity

Although it may not look like it, our Yellowstone trip was not all business... There was a bit of unusual hilarity mixed in with the intense picture taking! The Dead Elk So after a couple of mediocre days in the Lamar Valley, we decided to extend our travels to the Hayden Valley. So one morning … Continue reading Yellowstone Hilarity

Way of the Wolf Milestone

I have reached a major "Way of the Wolf milestone ". With over 100 pages written, our main character now has left his studio in the Bay Area and has moved to Montana. He has already landed steady work with a local newspaper and will be reporting on wildlife activity and wildlife politics. Stay tuned, … Continue reading Way of the Wolf Milestone

Blue Sky to Snow

 Blue Sky to Snow   A Beautiful Blue Sky Start to the Day We are having it all today.  Colorado mountain photography today included at least three seasons today from blue sky to snow. The day started out fairly warm and sunny, and remained so while I climbed to the top of Grouse Mountain. As … Continue reading Blue Sky to Snow