The Storm

I was exhausted this morning from a four day sojourn in hell. Two days in radiology, a day in oncology OR waiting, an all nighter in ICU and a day in the neurological recovery room. Didn’t seem like God was anywhere to be found down here, so I headed up the ridge to see if I could find Him there.

It seemed cold this morning even for the end of March and the cold wind cut right through my jacket. My legs felt like lead from all the sitting at the hospital but I was determined to reach the high ground. I passed the deer herd but they were resting in a nice meadow and I didn’t want to disturb them.

I plodded to the top of the first ridge and sat down on a rock to meditate. The cold wind was really howling and I was unable to hear the usual sounds of the forest. As the wind howled and angry clouds streamed over the peak I was reminded of the storm raging against my little family. However, in the great beauty of His creation I began to sense His presence and I am reminded that He was never missing. He was there with us in the midst of the storm in the wonderful people from our church who gave me rides, brought flowers, food, companionship, comfort and prayers. He was there in the skillful doctors and nurses who were so compassionate, patient and helpful. And He was there when all our prayers were answered in the success of the operation and her chance to continue this fight for life.


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