Winter Returns

Yesterday was a tough day in the surgery recovery room. She seemed weaker and could barely move her legs. The expected move to the rehab floor was canceled and a winter storm was in the forecast.

I woke up to heavy snow and a heavy heart this morning as I was not able to make my daily visit to the hospital. A dark cloud settled over me and I didn’t want to do anything. I thought of going snow shoeing, but just could not make myself go out. I didn’t feel like working on my stock photo business, or even eating. I wanted to work on this blog entry, but words had utterly failed me.

Then came the phone call I was waiting for. Today mobility was better, strength was returning, legs getting stronger and the move to the rehab floor back on. With the return of her strength came the return of my strength. My enthusiasm for the snow returned and I scrambled to locate all the necessary equipment. As I searched my backpack for my worn out gloves I encountered a little miracle of my own. I have apparently been visited by the glove angel. Right on top of my outdoor gear in my pack was a brand new pair of gloves still in the package, perfectly suited to managing the delicate controls on my camera. I don’t remember buying them or putting them in there, but there they were! My snowshoes beat me out the front door by about a half a second as I hurried to catch as much daylight as possible.

As I listened to the steady whoosh whoosh whoosh of my snowshoes in the deep snow, I had to ask God for forgiveness for my sulking. While my beloved was fighting for her life I should have been praying and going about my day as if a miracle was just around the corner, looking up instead of down, climbing high instead of sitting. With the new news, I had no trouble climbing to the top of the ridge where I always find strength in the magnificent beauty of His creation.

As the dark clouds over my life lifted for a while, so did  the clouds on the peak. For a few brief moments on top of the ridge, Pikes Peak became visible in all it’s incredibly massive glory. Shooshing along in silence, the presence of the Almighty enveloped me once again. As I focus on Him, words for this blog flow easily and I am reminded to think upon the Problem Solver, not upon the problem.


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