2023 Sandhill Crane Migration

2023 Sandhill Crane Migration

There is much more to come but I wanted to get this video out quickly to let everyone know the 2023 Sandhill Crane Migration is in full swing! If you can get down to Monte Vista in the next two or three weeks, you will behold one of nature’s most spectacular events as thousands of sandhill cranes descend up on the Monte Vista National Wildlife Reserve!

Over 1000 Images

I captured over a thousand images plus some cool video of the cranes yesterday so it is going to take some time to get the full report with blog and video on my Youtube channel! So, stay tuned, I have pictures of a great horned owl, the town and bighorn sheep from my first ever visit to Creede Colorado, the old mining camp in the mountains of Creede, and of course some great scenery and a ton more crane pictures to get processed!

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