My Author Copies Arrived

Elk Herd on a Beautiful Rocky Mountain Evening

Big day yesterday, the author copies of my newest book “Wildlife Photography in the Colorado Rockies” finally arrived! I was a bit nervous about it as there have been a lot of changes in my office configuration since my previous book was published! Since then I have upgraded my computer to Windows 11, put in a new high performance graphics card, and downloaded new drivers. It didn’t change my colors much, but I did notice that my monitor does match my printer much more accurately now. Wasn’t sure how that would affect my publishing experience at the big publishers!

Well, the good news is my copies came from Lulu Publishing perfectly and I made a nice Youtube video to show it to you! In the video you will see the cover and the content as I thumb through the book and describe it, so if you are interested, please just click the link and enjoy!

In the meantime, the book has been accepted at Barnes and Noble and I have learned how to go to their home page and request that they stock some copies in the retail stores. I don’t know how that will go yet, but I have hopes that they will at least put a few¬† copies into the “Local Interest” sections at our Colorado Front Range Stores! The book is of course available at my Amazon storefront.

Once again, please feel free to view my Youtube video about the book and visit one of my published material storefronts at Amazon and Lulu Publishing if you would like to purchase the book or peruse my other publications! My books are also available in eBook form if that is your preferred method of reading!

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