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Pair of Bald Eagles

It was an eventful morning in the canyon, I went expecting to find osprey but apparently the last few miles are a struggle for them this year. I’ve heard several pair of osprey have already occupied the nesting platforms down at Pueblo Reservoir so ours should be arriving shortly. But it was still good day getting pictures and video with the eagles. Way before I even got to the bend I spotted a pair of them in a tree overlooking the river and it turned out to be a perfect place to stop and shoot out the window. They remained there for quite a while before launching and finding a new perch upstream.

They both landed at the new location but not together, so I was only able to shoot them individually before yet another flight. This time I was able to get a good capture in flight but I had left my shutter speed on just a 640th of a second so it isn’t quite as clear as it could be.

Pair of Bald Eagles

From there I journeyed all the way to the dam before turning around, without seeing them again. I figured my day with them was over and figured I was on my way home. I was a little worried by then, I didn’t see any eagles at the nest on my way in and when I saw them together I wondered if something had happened to the eaglets. You don’t normally see the pair together once they begin taking care of the hatchlings.

On my way back down I saw Jamie again, this time waving frantically… so I pulled up close to see what all the excitement was… turns out the two were sitting side by side on a tree branch right over the road. I stopped and used my truck as a brace and stayed until they flew again. Unfortunately this time they flew the wrong direction so I didn’t get a great shot, but all in all I can’t complain… I got bunch of nice pictures… I’m going to have to look them over better but I wanted to get a video out quick so I didn’t spend much time processing them.

Anyway… I’m still getting the hang of Premier Pro so I still have a bit of a learning curve before I am good at it. I hope you enjoy the video though!

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Pair of Bald Eagles

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