Clearing My Head

Sometimes you just have to get outside and clear your head. Woke up way too early this morning and turned on the news so it wouldn’t be so dang quiet in the house.  I sat drinking my coffee trying to think of something productive to do this morning, other than to just get my morning exercise. But my mind was blank which I think that is a natural byproduct of watching the news. I swear every time I listen to a politician speak I get dumber. The more you listen to their drivel, the dumber you get until eventually you are as mentally incapacitated as the morons we elect to run the country 🙁

The District

Well eventually I managed extricate myself from the TV, grab the camera and struggle out the door before my brain became incapable of managing autonomic functions. I swear, the second I shut off the news I gained a few IQ points and by the time I got to the trailhead ideas were beginning to pour back into my head. In a few days I’ll have to run down to the city to pick up my roll of black and white film and CD, and now I have a new Canon A-1 film camera to try out. So I was thinking it would be nice if I could drop off another roll of film at the same time and save a trip to the city.

As I drove past mine country I was reminded of a project I have always wanted to do, and that is to shoot the old mines of the Cripple Creek / Victor mining district in black and white. Well I thought, what better than to recreate the look of the old days by shooting the mines in black and white film! I need to think of photo projects I can do around home anyway, who can afford $5 a gallon for gas to go anywhere 🙁 My goal is to get out early and do that project tomorrow… we’ll see if I can get moving!

Bald Eagle Nest

Had to take the little pup up to Lake George so I decided he needed a trip up the canyon to see if the osprey have made it back from their tropical vacation. Didn’t see any osprey yet, but through the long lens it appeared as though mama eagle was feeding some youngsters, at least two. So… it won’t be long and we will have some eaglets to watch! My hope is that the osprey will return and build a nest so we can watch some osprey chicks grow up as well!

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