Some Tranquility

Tabby Cat

This morning my eyes were wide open well before sunrise so I arose and turned on  the news which of course was all bad. Disease, murder and now riots everywhere. I watched  the local news for a while just to see what had transpired up in Denver yesterday.  I’m a morning person and not much is going to stop me from enjoying my coffee but by the time I could see the first rays of sunlight poking through the curtains I was ready to spend some quality time on my mountain. After yesterday’s long hike in the Crags I was intending to take a day off, but I just had to go experience the tranquility of the early morning Colorado mountain sunshine.

As I pulled my old Dodge into the trailhead parking area my eyes scanned the top of the ridge

Prairie Dog

hoping to spot some deer or elk but all I could see was sunshine and mountain grass. I just sat in the truck for a while enjoying the warmth of the sun through my cracked windshield, listening to the birds and enjoying a moment of peace.

Finally I began the trek to the top of the ridge, my legs tired and sore from yesterdays adventure. There was no sign of life save for the sound of the birds, chirping out their happiness at the sun drenched mountain morning. I slowly meandered over the ridge and onto the high clearing where I pondered the events of

Free Range Cattle

these troubled times. I was thinking, maybe these riots were inevitable, really what did these blue state dictators think was going to happen, keeping people locked in their homes for months at a time. I know it is important to stop the spread of Covid-19 but did they really think they could keep the entire population imprisoned, as they watch their livelihood slowly going down the drain, their jobs vanishing, their hopes and plans for the future destroyed by a few leaders who will never have to suffer the real word effects of their policies. Perhaps the

Cottontail Rabbit

murder in Minneapolis was the straw that broke the camels back, the catalyst to unleash the pent up anger and frustration in cities all over America at the prolonged isolation and the destruction of a whole way of life for many. I pray that God will give our leaders the wisdom to resolve these problems peacefully and that life will soon return to normal. I used to follow my morning adventures with a nice breakfast somewhere and now there is nothing open. Nothing else to do but just go back home, unless of course I can find some errands to run.

Eventually the sun cleared the ridge on the east and I could hear the prairie dogs beginning to stir so I made my way down the mountain and into their little colony where I found a log to rest my weary legs and watch the action. One of the little fellows finally worked up the courage to poke his head out and chirp at me so I was able to at least get one picture to put in  this morning’s blog!

It wasn’t long before I heard the bellow of free range cattle who came trotting over the

Distant Deer

top of the mountain on their way to the watering hole below. Free range cattle are a bit wild and when they noticed me they hurried on past, casting a wary eye in my direction. When they all finally passed I arose and began the final leg of my trek back to the trailhead. Along the way I saw a feral tabby cat, a bunny rabbit and a pair of bucks in the distance grazing on mountain grass as they too made their way towards the watering hole.

Eventually my morning peace was at an end, but I felt sufficiently rejuvenated to face the day. My big plans today mostly include grilling the rest of my plant based burgers and sausages as I do my part to put all the beef producers out of business so there will be no reason for them to exterminate all the wolves and wild horses.




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