The Art of Walking Away

Had a pretty good day today, have to say so myself! Started out with my usual hike up the mountainside with the puppies. It was a beautiful cool cloudy morning portending the rainy day we have had. The forest is beautiful this year, very green, almost like the rain forest of the Great Northwest only our Colorado mountain pines are not nearly as large! Had to cut the hike a bit short though when I noticed a deer on one of the upper switchbacks that I didn’t want the dogs to scare. I hate to see them have to run on that terrain, so easy for them to hurt their spindly legs. Once they get to limping they are just bait for the lions 🙁

Colorado Mule DeerWith a whole day ahead of me and nothing planned, I decided to take a drive down Twin Rocks and Teller 1, I usually have a pretty good chance of scoring some wildlife pictures somewhere along there, a great stretch for deer and elk to graze all the way along that route through the high prairie. I was fortunate to spot a couple of bucks foraging in a clearing of mountain grass and wildflowers. I attached my 70-200 zoom and set the ISO to 400 as it was a bit cloudy, nice light… just not as bright as usual. As usual I started shooting from a distance to make sure that I got some kind of record of the scene while moving ever closer for the best shot possible. Of course the deer noticed me right off but paid little attention until they noticed me closing in. Finally I got as close as they were going to let me get and snapped a couple of frames before they started wandering off. I could have wasted time trying to follow, but I knew I got the shot and just walking away was the most profitable action at that point.

Colorado LlamaAs I continued down Teller 1, I ran across another beautiful scene with llamas in a beautiful field of wildflowers and grass in front of the foothills. Stopped along the side of the highway and picked up a few more frames using my long lens. The rest of the drive to Cripple Creek was uneventful, except for a few morons who are willing to take their own lives and everyone’s around them by feeling the need to pass on the curves. I just can’t understand what is so important about going fast that it is worth risking life for the thrill.

Then it was down to Bronco Billy’s for steak and eggs. The waiter seated me clear in the back which suited me fine until I noticed I was sitting by a large multi family table of overweight tourists shoveling in food like there was no tomorrow. No apparent chewing, just shoveling… I waited about 10 minutes and no one came… As I grew more aggravated and disgusted I finally realized I no longer had an appetite and it was time to just “walk away” while I was ahead. Went out and stuck a couple of bucks in the slots, won $2 and got my appetite back. Went back to the cafeteria and got a different seat in the front away from the large groups 🙂

On my way out of town I decided to stop in at the Double Eagle and try my luck with a couple more bucks in the electronic thieves. It was mostly up with a little down on a few different machines before winding up at a new .25 cent bet model with a few more dollars in my pocket to risk. After a couple of spins the thing went nuts! Turns out I had won back to back free spins, about 40 altogether I think. Well anyway by the time it was all done beeping and whistling I had almost $50 on the scoreboard… Took a few more spins with nothing and once again decided to just “walk away” while I was ahead.

So at the end of a good day I have a few extra greenbacks, a few pictures to work on and a pretty good life lesson that is applicable in many a situation. Knowing when to walk away can save a lot of grief, whether it be at the poker table, an argument with the wife before the situation becomes too heated or even a close encounter with some irritable wildlife perhaps!

Of course the images from today will soon become available on my website with the commercial stock versions available on the image licensing portal.


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