Wedding Photography

kim-grandpaWoke up this morning totally bummed out… It has only been a little more than a week since my Walmart payday and I’m already broke again. So I’m thinking… this is just not right! Earlier this year I had the foresight to create a dedicated wedding Facebook page for my photography business and today is the day I have decided to do something about it!

heidi-softHaven’t done a wedding in a while due to all the uncertainty that goes along with caring for a wife dying of cancer… but I’m over a year out from her passing now and confident that I can carry on the business even without my intrepid assistant… She was the outgoing one of the two of us and did all the marketing and schmoozing with wedding coordinators and brides. But I think I learned a lot from her about how to do that and will just have to get used to operating out of my comfort zone!

Fortunately for me she had the vision to create both printed and digital wedding portfolios with the best of the scores of weddings that we photographed, so I’m not starting from ground zero! However, it is possible that all my contracts and releases have been lost over the years to various computer malfunctions… but I think I can recreate those a lot easier than I could have created a portfolio!

western-sunsetSo my business plan will be to shoot a wedding for $995 with a $195 advance to hold the date. Something I have now that I didn’t have before is a reliable supplier that newlyweds can use to create prints and other products for their permanent record. Back in the day when film was king, it was very time consuming and difficult to get quality prints. Now with photoshop and online labs those items can be created in a snap.

So please! If you know anyone in the Colorado Springs area who is getting married, spread the word! S. W. Krull Imaging is back in the wedding business 🙂


Steve Krull is a prolific sports and nature photographer selling prints and stock images online as S.W. Krull Imaging at various sites and agencies. Click this link to view all the products and services offered by Steve Krull and S. W. Krull Imaging. Additional services include, wedding photography, portraiture and model portfolios, and event photography.

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