Photographic Journey

winter-doeToday I’m continuing my photographic journey through the last few years looking for the best images to upload to the Adobe Stock Photo library… Funny, I forget a lot of things from the past, but when I see these images I can pretty much remember the exact moment of each capture. If it weren’t for the dates in the digital file I could never tell you the day, or probably even the year, but I remember each moment like it was yesterday.

I remember well this old doe too, I saw her almost every day for two years in the little wildlife park we had near our house. It wasn’t much but the deer liked it there and when it snowed it was transformed into a real winter wonderland! I’ll never forget this big buck either! He was huge and could be a bit surely at times 🙂 I know whenever he got to looking at me and wandering towards me, I hightailed it out of there! Didn’t want to wait around to see what he wanted!

winter-buckToday finds me back in 2009 remembering a very snowy winter. I got some of my best deer pictures ever that year, and now that I am not an exclusive artist anywhere these are eligible to be uploaded to my new port on Adobe Stock. Just checked and over the last few days I have managed to index 284 mostly fall and winter captures. I’m doing those first since those seasons are rapidly approaching.

2009 was also the year that we opened our little antiques boutique in Franktown. What an adventure that was! Tricia decorated it so well, everyone who came in commented on how quaint it was 🙂 However as it turns out, Franktown was apparently not the best place for a nice boutique and we were struggling to make a go of it.

Autumn Pikes Peak

Then in early summer about the time our first lease was up and we were trying to decide whether or not we should continue, we got the fateful news of Tricia’s cancer diagnosis. Of course then we quickly abandoned the store to concentrate on trying to beat the cancer.

One thing led to another and we wound up here in Woodland Park where I have been able to take in some magnificent views of America’s Mountain, otherwise known as Pikes Peak. This one was taken from the beach area on Crystal Reservoir back in 2013. I’m hoping to make it up there again this year for some more shots of the golden colored aspen trees of autumn.


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