My Wedding Photography on Instagram

Been thinking about attacking my wedding photography with a bit more vigor for some time now and it occurred to me that one good way to do that would be to create a special Instagram account for just that purpose! Of course it wasn’t that easy, first I had to create a special email account because it wouldn’t let me use one that I had already used for S.W. Krull Imaging, and I had to update my wedding facebook page that I have long been neglecting 😦 But it looks like I have managed to provide the basic structure… now I just have to flesh it out with pictures, an activity for another day I’m afraid!

Western wedding couple with horse

For now I am going to get ready for tomorrow, have to get the bed of my truck unloaded from selling my camper trailer so that I can load up my mountain bike for tomorrow’s intended adventure! Been wanting for so long to go to Waterton Canyon and hopefully photograph the bighorn sheep. The Waterton Canyon trail is a pretty long one, six miles one way, too far to go on foot in any reasonable amount of time, hence the mountain bike.Β  It has been a long time since I have made that trek so I don’t remember how far in it is before you can find the sheep, I hope not all the way to the end! Although there are some awesome compositions of the river itself to be had as it spills out of the dense pine trees of the Pike National Forest.

Anyway, better get to it, we’re burning daylight!


Broken Memories

Finally resolved an issue that has been dogging me for years… The question, is highway 67 paved all the way from Woodland Park to highway 285. I know I was on that segment, probably 30 years ago… fishing with friends near Deckers, way too long ago to remember details, other than 285 from Littleton and then some dirt roads down to the Platte. I also have another vague memory of driving down past Sedalia, through the mountains to the river and then on to highway 285 and back. I’ve been looking at maps for a few years now, asking people who live here if they have driven it, just wondering…

Western Bride.jpgNow I have the answer… well, the short answer is no, it doesn’t. Highway 67 makes a sharp turn at Deckers into the mountains and up to Sedalia. If you keep going straight the road turns into highway 96 and is paved all the way to 285.Β  On my way up the pavement to 285 I realized I had memories of that stretch of road… I remembered that we had photographed a wedding at a pavilion in the open space park along that road. Must have been 20 years ago.

Which brings me to my title… broken links. I don’t know if the same situation applies when you are old and lose your partner, or if it applies to anyone but me, but it seems like it would. When you are middle aged and your partner dies, the trauma of having everything you were planning, all your hopes, all your visions for the future and your entire way of looking at life taken away, it causes a terrible rip in time. For a while you can’t think about the past… the pain is too great, so you just refuse to think about it. Finally you are left with a distant past, the present and a gap that you haven’tΒ  acknowledged for a couple or maybe even a few years… Eventually you have to link it all back together though, or you are left with a very confusing mess in your mind.

Well anyway, as I was driving past the open space I remembered the wedding… Bobbie & Susie, a beautiful country wedding. I wasn’t even photographing weddings anymore, Tricia had gotten in a bad car accident on the way to the lab to process wedding film and ended up blaming photography for years of therapy, both physical and emotional, and had quit helping me. I had to work full time and was not able to keep up with all the marketing and phone calls and I was tired of the bitchy brides anyway, so I just quit the wedding business all together.

But one day there was a call and I happened to answer it… The sweetest voice I had ever heard on the other end, slight southern drawl, maybe Texas. Said she had been referred and wanted me to photograph her wedding. I said I really didn’t do weddings anymore, but she persisted and the voice was so sweet… It was going to be fun, and there was going to be beer and a barbecue… The BBQ sounded pretty good and beer is always hard to turn down and I found myself agreeing to do the wedding and even quoting a very low fee.

Now mind you this was during Tricia’s recovery from the accident and there were no kind words coming from her towards me…. just constant hatred, she blamed photography for her pain and associated me with the photography. Naturally I became distant and not too receptive to her constant nagging, about what I can’t even remember. So I told her I was doing the wedding and she was welcome to come along and be my assistant like before and a meeting was scheduled. I don’t remember all that was discussed at the meeting, just that Susie was so sweet I couldn’t say no about anything! Lol… afterwards Tricia said, “Damn… she has you wrapped around her little finger doesn’t she! I’ve never seen you act that way around a woman!”. She was so sweet and so pretty, and of course Tricia was furious with me but maybe should have taken the lesson in the art of persuasion! Later at the wedding Tricia met Susie’s father and told me that if she had a father like that she might have turned out sweet too…Β  so my brief foray into marriage counseling and advice to men, if you want a sweet wife, find a woman who had a loving daddy πŸ™‚

It turned out to be a wonderful fun wedding, even Tricia had a good time. And we remained friends with them for a while… Susie even came to my 40th birthday party. And now I have a few more pieces of that period of my life linked back together, by a stretch of mystery highway in the Pike National Forest πŸ™‚

Steve Krull is a prolific sports and nature photographer selling prints and stock images online as S.W. Krull Imaging at various sites and agencies. Click this link to view all the products and services offered by Steve Krull and S. W. Krull Imaging. Additional services include, wedding photography, portraiture and model portfolios, and event photography. Additional products include fine art stock imagery, prints and gift items

Wedding Photography

kim-grandpaWoke up this morning totally bummed out… It has only been a little more than a week since my Walmart payday and I’m already broke again. So I’m thinking… this is just not right! Earlier this year I had the foresight to create a dedicated wedding Facebook page for my photography business and today is the day I have decided to do something about it!

heidi-softHaven’t done a wedding in a while due to all the uncertainty that goes along with caring for a wife dying of cancer… but I’m over a year out from her passing now and confident that I can carry on the business even without my intrepid assistant… She was the outgoing one of the two of us and did all the marketing and schmoozing with wedding coordinators and brides. But I think I learned a lot from her about how to do that and will just have to get used to operating out of my comfort zone!

Fortunately for me she had the vision to create both printed and digital wedding portfolios with the best of the scores of weddings that we photographed, so I’m not starting from ground zero! However, it is possible that all my contracts and releases have been lost over the years to various computer malfunctions… but I think I can recreate those a lot easier than I could have created a portfolio!

western-sunsetSo my business plan will be to shoot a wedding for $995 with a $195 advance to hold the date. Something I have now that I didn’t have before is a reliable supplier that newlyweds can use to create prints and other products for their permanent record. Back in the day when film was king, it was very time consuming and difficult to get quality prints. Now with photoshop and online labs those items can be created in a snap.

So please! If you know anyone in the Colorado Springs area who is getting married, spread the word! S. W. Krull Imaging is back in the wedding business πŸ™‚


Steve Krull is a prolific sports and nature photographer selling prints and stock images online as S.W. Krull Imaging at various sites and agencies. Click this link to view all the products and services offered by Steve Krull and S. W. Krull Imaging. Additional services include, wedding photography, portraiture and model portfolios, and event photography.

Sorting Out

Up until now I have tried to manage all my photography endeavors under one hat. However it has come to my attention that there is just too much traffic on my one main facebook page, S. W. Krull Imaging. I have wildlife advocacy posts there, stock photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, model photography, sports and journalism all going on in one fan page and it just looks overwhelming.


Mountain Goats on Mount Bierstadt

My original intent was for the Imaging page to be for my stock photography business and related items to be showcased there and I am going to return that page to it’s roots. That page will be only for the stock photography and the events that I photograph under that umbrella, including outdoor sports and recreation, wildlife and nature photography, and photo retouching.

I have moved the wildlife advocacy posts to a special page devoted to animal welfare only. I hope if you are interested in the critters that you will visit my new page and give it a like!

western wedding

Cowboy and Cowgirl bride

I have also recently launched a separate page for wedding photography. Please visit and like my S. W. Krull Weddings page if you have an interest in wedding photography!

swimsuit model

Model posing at the beach

Exercise, fitness and fashion have been moved to a new fitness and modeling page, which is where indoor exercise sports, fitness, fitness model and fashion model photo shoots and informational posts have been relocated to. So if you have an interest in exercise and fitness and modeling, please hop in on that page and give it a LIKE!

Goodbye to the Tunes

Said goodbye to the last of Tricia’s DJ business this morning. Not too sad about seeing it go though, I was kind of bothered about hanging on to a lot of that over sized obsolete equipment that I can hardly even lift anymore. Saying goodbye to the good times is a bit harder, but of course I still have the memories and the pictures…

Disc Jockey

Tricia at her DJ Mixer

That was some adventure starting that business. Wedding photography was so hard and unrewarding and the only part of the whole deal Tricia liked was the reception part. She thought it looked like the DJ’s were having a lot more fun than we were. I knew she liked to dance and knew a lot about dance music so I encouraged her to give it a try. So we went out shopping for some equipment and I had to learn all about sound mixers, speakers and amplifiers. I loved all the little blinking lights and she loved the music.

On my way home from dropping it off I was thinking of our best year. In 1999 every body wanted to party like it was 1999 πŸ™‚ We did the music for seventeen company Christmas parties in fourteen days in December that year, along with working full time in the computer business. Boy was I tired, but it was fun.

The biggest adventure of all was yet to come though. We were contracted for a wedding on New Year’s Day in downtown Denver at the Adams Mark, which I understand is now a Sheraton. Anyway, we were already worried about it with all the Y2K scare going on, but the sun came up on the first day of the year 2000, the power was on and the laptop booted with DJ software running just fine. So we got dressed and loaded up the van to fight the downtown crowds. Only that year there were no downtown crowds. Denver was like a ghost town, which was fine with me. We pulled in front of the hotel and started to unload. Soon the hotel manager came out and informed us we couldn’t bring our stuff through the lobby we would have to go to the loading dock. Well OK, where is the loading dock. Turns out the loading dock for the hotel was a block away, the wrong way. We did as we were told and went around the block and into the loading area beneath all the buildings on 14th Street, which I was surprised to actually find.

We pulled in and got out to assess the situation. The loading dock was huge cavernous room with dozens of unmarked doors. And of course since it was a holiday and Y2K to boot, there was no one there. We were the only vehicle and the only people in sight. By this time we were running short of time and panic began to set in. We just looked at each other and she said β€œWhat are we going to do?”. We ventured down a few hallways, but it quickly became obvious that we could spend all day going down hallways to every building in downtown Denver. Luckily we spotted a phone on the wall. No dial though, just a phone. I picked it up and thankfully there was a friendly voice on the other end. I explained our predicament and pretty soon one of the doors opened and the guy said come this way! We had a ton of stuff on carts so she pushed a light one and I had a big one in front of me and one behind me as we ran down the hallway, up an elevator, through the kitchen, past a bunch of ballrooms and finally to our room. We threw the stuff off the carts and I began hooking up all the wires and lights and doing the sound checks. She got dressed in her tux and located the Bride for final announcement and song updates.

The party went off without a hitch, except for one panic filled moment when the power on the floor went out and we all thought it was Y2K hitting late. They couldn’t get the breaker fixed, but fortunately MacGyver Krull had enough 100 foot extension cords to reach a room with an outlet on another circuit. What a day that was πŸ™‚

We had a blast playing the music for quite a few years until iPods came out. Then people began to want to just do their own song lists and Dj’s were being replaced with Karaoke machines. Companies would just come in and set up the machine and people would play their own songs and sometimes of course, even perform their own. We didn’t think that would be much fun so we never got into it and it wasn’t long before we received the dreaded cancer diagnosis. I’ve been hanging on to this stuff all these years as technology has passed it all by. People don’t use CD players anymore, DJ’s don’t use 100 pound speakers and mixers fit into the palm of your hand instead of a sound equipment rack. But it sure was fun while it lasted.