Fox and Deer

Interesting how things work. For weeks I have been seeing deer in the little woods on the way to the coffee shop and the day I decide to start bringing the camera along the deer disappear. Undaunted, I have been taking the camera along faithfully as I push the wheelchair on our errands. It finally paid off on Sunday as I spotted a little family of red foxes, a mama and her cubs playing on the edge of the forest. It was a dark and gloomy day so I set my camera to ISO 400 and moved in as close as the mama fox would allow. At first the little family was too wary to get a good shot, but after a while they decided I wasn’t a threat and settled in for an afternoon nap. I braced my camera on a tree and carefully snapped the shutter until I was confident I had the shot.

Red-Fox-4-(cub) Red-Fox-3 Red-Fox-2 Red-Fox-1

Wildlife  by S. W. Krull Imaging
Fox family and deer enjoying Memorial Weekend in Colorado

Monday was another dark and gloomy day but a small herd of mule deer had stopped to enjoy an afternoon nap as well. The deer weren’t nearly as skittish as the fox family and allowed me to get fairly close for some fine shots of both buck and doe members of the resting family.

Pikes Peak looks different every time I look at it and is always prime subject matter for my landscape portfolio. The mountain was wearing a crown of clouds on Monday and stood by while I collected a few more images that are a bit different from all the others I have seen in my four years here.

The holiday weekend has caused a backlog in Tricia’s physical therapy schedule, so it doesn’t look like I will be getting out today. Perhaps I will use the time to process some of the images that have been accumulating on my compact flash chip.

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