Quiet Time

Amazing what a little quiet time can do for the imagination. All the medical crisis we have encountered in 2014 have drained my strength and my creativity leaving me bereft of ideas for Examiner articles. I have struggled to come up with enough ideas this year to meet my one article a month minimum. However this morning I arose early to meditate, drink my coffee and pray for divine guidance. In the predawn quiet, ideas began to flood my mind.

I had been saving an article about train watching for the end of the month to stall for ideas but today’s brainstorming gave me the impetus to go ahead and submit it.

I pulled out my day planner to map out a time line for my new writing ideas and noticed that there is a quote for each week. The relevance of this week’s quote amazed me and convinced me that I was not alone in the dark. This quote from Christopher Reeve, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure, in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” ,could not be more appropriate.

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