Making the Best of Things

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer. As usual the skies have opened up with a deluge of rain as if heaven itself is mourning the loss of so many brave men and women in battle. For me, today is day four of Making the Best of Things (MTBOT).

Tricia’s rehab is coming along with a few more steps in the walker. We learned a procedure to get her in the pickup truck so our independence and mobility has been greatly enhanced. My exercise routine doesn’t seem to be helping my back much but I intend to see it through anyway.

Pushing the wheelchair up and down the hills of this mountain town are keeping strength in my legs as is some mountain biking up and down the pass during the times when she has a visitor that can sit in for me for a while. The mountain has been putting on quite a show lately, giving me another idea for MTBOT. From now on the camera will be with me whenever we head out of the house with the wheelchair. A small herd of buck mule deer has taken up residence in a pretty little patch of forest on our route to the coffee shop that might result in an excellent wildlife photo op.

These humble opportunities are a far cry from the lofty plans I had for this summer. As I contemplated our situation I was reminded of a time when Jesus was talking to the disciples who were asking Him for great positions in heaven. Jesus told them that he who wants to be great among men must first learn how to become the servant. Perhaps my lowly duties this summer are not going unnoticed and are only the starting point of something new.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

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