They Know More than You Think

Great Blue Heron

A discussion of animal behavior, intelligence and animal sentience by wildlife photographer and rights activist #swkrullimaging


I have been enjoying immensely the time I have recently spent in the solitude of the wilderness, time that I spend walking and communing with the Almighty. Time I also spend seeking, experiencing and photographing His creation. The furry creatures whose paths I cross are always busy about their business of eating, drinking and occasionally … Continue reading Destruction

Wolf Action Group

I am happy to report that everything came together and my interview with the Wolf and Wildlife Action Group (WWAG) article is published on the Examiner. The response has been swift and spirited with my greatest one day readership of any article I have written as of this time. It seems the subject has struck … Continue reading Wolf Action Group


Today my heart and mind is with the wolves as a new hunting season begins. After being hunted, trapped and poisoned nearly to extinction during the previous century they were saved by the Endangered Species Act and efforts to save them converged upon Yellowstone National Park as new packs were introduced into the wilderness. However, … Continue reading Wolves