Fresh Powder

Fresh Powder in the Colorado High CountryTen degrees, wind blowing, face frozen, drifting snow, complete solitude… It doesn’t get any better :) Perfect day for snowshoeing. Most of our trail has been buried by the drifting snow from yesterday’s storm but most of the time I could ascertain where the packed trail probably was. Sometimes not though, but the feel of the fresh powder beneath my snowshoes was well worth the extra effort. Big Dog seemed to be better at finding the trail as he charged ahead, I suppose he could locate by smell! Good companion to have along :)

Was hoping to find that the elk had gathered at the edge of the forest near the summit so I could get some good wildlife photographs,

Snowshoe Tracks in the Powderbut I saw little sign of life anywhere on the frozen mountain. Looking back at where we had come from all there was to see was our trail in the snow over the top. Thought it made for kind of a neat scene though! On our way down I did find elk tracks leading up a different trail around the other side of the ridge, so maybe tomorrow we will  go investigate.


Wind Shear on the Sangre

Been a wild couple of days with tremendous winds, snow and zero degree temperatures so I have been wimping out and staying indoors at the computer. But today it finally warmed up a bit although a stiff breeze persisted throughout the day. When I looked out the window though and saw the show on the jagged peaks of the Sangre de Cristo I knew I was going to have to go out and investigate!

Wind Shear on the Sangre

The always ready Big Dog was eager to get out and play in the new snow so off we went. Worn out from a week of sleep deprivation from work though, I wasn’t ready to attempt the deep snow so we took the lower trail around the east side where the wind had blown the snow away instead of piling it up on the trail.

No wildlife was out at that time of day, but the snow blowing over the high peaks of the block fault range in the distance looked magnificent. With the sun climbing ever higher in the southern sky with the steady approach of spring, I was happy to have brought along the polarizer which did a good job of accentuating the clouds and blowing snow. In fact the entire Arkansas Valley was a bit obscured by blowing snow so the images don’t have a lot of contrast, but I am happy with the mystical effect that resulted from the weather.

Hoping for some good rest tonight though, so a snowshoe trek could be on tap for the morning!

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Stormy Signs

Thought it was going to be a pretty uneventful day… hiked up the mountainside, the peak was cloudy but not too interesting. So I decided to just make my usual rounds, the gym, the coffee shop, pick up some snacks…

Cloudy Stormy Peak.jpgBut as I was between tasks I noticed that things had changed on Pikes Peak, the first signs of the impending winter storm were beginning to manifest on the 14,115 foot monster to the south. So I scurried to my favorite vantage point and set up the camera for a few shots of the developing storm clouds. But the wind on the peak was blowing so hard that the clouds kept changing. They kept changing and I kept shooting!

By the time it was over I had collected about 140 new images of the wild action on America’s Mountain… And I had filled two hours that I was wondering what I was going to do with. This one of the clouds and fog was one of my favorites for the day. It will be available as a print, an image on gift items and a stock image on I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did!

The view outside now is of only heavy snow… appears it has moved in a bit early. Glad me and my critter menagerie is all safely tucked indoors. Also thankful for shelter tonight as I pray for those who must be out and about on an unsafe night…

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Fresh Snow on Pikes Peak

I know it is going to be a good morning when my boots are the first to make tracks in fresh snow. There is something irresistible about being the first after a snow to experience the crunching of snow beneath my feet in the total solitude of the Rocky Mountain wilderness after a snowstorm.

The combination of fresh snow and the new light of spring hitting the north face of Pikes Peak was too inviting to pass up, even though I knew the morning would be cold and windy. I was not disappointed. The mountain was bathed in a beautiful new coat of white and the wind was whipping up clouds of snow in the dense pine forest below me. The beauty of the scene gave my legs the strength to climb the upper loop on my trail in hopes of finding some deer or elk foraging for food at the top of the ridge. The trail on the ridge was slippery so I had to pay close attention to my center of gravity and make use of the scrub oak branches to keep from turning the trail into a ski slope.

I didn’t find any wildlife to photograph, but the view of the peak was breathtaking and the fresh mountain air exhilarating. The shadows on the snowy ridges formed by the early morning light made for interesting subject matter as did the snow blowing around in the trees. I considered taking the lower loop past the burned out cabin back to the caves to search for the deer herd but decided against it. That place gives me a creepy feeling and I avoid going there.

It is now evening and the snow has already melted. However, my memories and the beautiful moment in time have been preserved in silicon for me to relive tonight.