WordPress Block Editor Better Practices

Site Design with the Block Editor Email: steven.krull@swkrullimaging.com So I've done it again, another complete site redesign. Some time ago WordPress replaced their writing tool with the block editor, which I reluctantly began using. I discovered right away that they had conveniently provided a "Classic" block, which functioned similarly to the old writing too. So … Continue reading WordPress Block Editor Better Practices

Weird WordPress Problems

Fixing Weird WordPress Problems I've had quite a morning struggling with my WordPress site trying to fix weird WordPress problems. The odyssey began with the cursor jumping to the top of the page. Also if  block focus is turned on the cursor might jump to the top of the block. That's when I discovered that … Continue reading Weird WordPress Problems

The Clearing

Continued my exploration of the new trailhead and trail system that I have been working for the last couple of weeks. After encountering "the gate" I had to branch out in a new direction and the cool cloudy morning we are having seemed just the day to do that. So early this morning the puppies … Continue reading The Clearing

Back in the Groove

Wow, what a tumultuous summer... Certainly hasn't turned out according to plan! Was not expecting my best photo agency to become my worst in a matter of a couple of months, and wasn't expecting to have to be working a regular job to make ends meet. But here it is, almost August and I have … Continue reading Back in the Groove

Teach Us to Profit

Again today I awake early in the morning just as I did yesterday, stunned that it is possible to feel so terrible so early. It has been a long dry spell in the picture taking business, so many miles on the trail with so little to show for it. I have heard it said many … Continue reading Teach Us to Profit