Best of the Best

My Alamy stock image portfolio doesn’t get a lot of attention in my pages, perhaps because it is the smallest of my image portfolios. But I’m thinking it should get more love! I have been with Alamy for nearly a decade now, and during that time I have carefully selected only the best images from each photo shoot to place there. So although I only have a few over one thousand images there, they are the cream of the crop.

And that’s not the only reason my clients might want to purchase stock imagery from the Alamy agency. As one of the oldest digital image pioneers, Alamy is also the most fair to photographers, paying the highest commissions of any of the major players. In addition, Alamy is also a major contributor to charity, helping to find a cure for cancer. Alamy was founded in 1999 James West, along with his uncle Mike Fischer, who “By this time was also involved in research: medical and education. So the agreement was that in lieu of dividends for the major shareholders, payments would be invested into Mike’s medical research charity. A charity which is investigating and, hopefully, developing vaccines against cancer.”.

My contract with another agency states that if I submit an image there and it gets rejected the image cannot be used anywhere else for any other reason. So for each photo shoot, I look through the images and look for the best and most unique and I ask myself a question, “Will I lose sleep if this one gets rejected and taken out of circulation?” If the answer is yes and the exposure is of the exceptionally high standard required by the Alamy editors, I will submit it to Alamy instead of another place where it is more likely to have a high volume of low priced sales.

So if you want to take a tour through my cream of the crop over the last decade, please have a look at my Alamy image portfolio! And if you are a stock buyer, I urge you to look with an eye cast towards your next advertising or publishing campaign!

Bikers Ride for Veterans in Woodland Park, Colorado

Saturday was a big day for S. W. Krull Imaging… I got my first “newsworthy” article published on the Examiner. Saturday was the day for the big annual biker rally for veterans called the Salute to Veterans Rally. I’ve written quite a few articles for the Examiner but up until Saturday had yet to trip the “newsworthy” counter.

So I woke up early on Saturday to check out my camera equipment. It has been a while since I have used it so I thought I’d better look it over. Sure enough, the battery was nearly dead so I found the charger and hooked it up. Cleaned the lens and checked the settings. It was going to be a bright sunny day and the bikes would be moving fast so I decided to go to manual with a 1000th of a second shutter speed. Aperture would have to be determined on site.

About a half hour before the mass start from the high school I headed down to main street to get some shots of the crowd and then off to the west side of town for a better view of Pikes Peak. Right on time I heard the roar of hundreds if not thousands of motorcycles and the police escort and color guard appeared, followed by huge procession of bikes heading for Cripple Creek and the main celebration.

The event was quite a sight and well worth the effort to attend. Soon the bikes dwindled to a trickle and I headed home to look at the pictures, 125 in all, and write my story. One of the first boxes to check is the newsworthy box. So I checked the requirements and after a little thought decided to go for it. The article went into the awaiting approval queue and all there was left to do was wait. It wasn’t long and I got the news… approved 🙂


Summer Solstice

Summer is rolling along and the longest day of the year is already behind us. I don’t know why, but both the summer and winter solstice dates have a profound effect on me. Just knowing that the days are getting shorter, however imperceptible, adds a bit of melancholy to my spirit.

But there is still plenty of summer ahead to celebrate. Here in the Pikes Peak region we have plenty of outdoor activities to look forward to, including the annual Pikes Peak Hill Climb car race usually run on the Fourth of July. Woodland Park has the summer vintage car show and the Farmers Markets ahead and a special treat coming this August.  The USA Pro Cycling Challenge is returning to the town this year for the start of Stage 5 of the tour.

The Stage 5 article is the next in my series of articles on the Examiner reporting on the summer’s schedule of activities, including bike races, trail runs, marathons and ultra marathons.

Now I hope to turn my attention to photographing and reporting on the events I have highlighted. I have been mountain biking up and down the pass in hopes of maintaining enough leg strength to get up the trails, highways and byways to get the best shots. Time will tell if I am successful.