Film Photography From Winter

Just got my scans back from Film Photography From Winter that I turned into the lab last week. Why did I shoot film… I don’t know, I just like to fiddle with the old technology sometimes 🙂

Some Monochrome

Colorado Deer

I shot one roll of monochrome with my old Minolta X-700 which I’m a little disappointed in. The Minolta glass is just not as good as my Canon glass. But with a little Topaz I was able to make some pretty nice images, so I guess I can’t complain. I have the Canon A-1 and another Canon AE-1 so it’s not like I have a shortage of film cameras 🙂

Fuji Color Film

Thunder on the Sangre de CristoI shot another roll of 36, this one was Fuji color film in the Canon A-1. I have to say, this isn’t the beautiful Fuji Reala film that I remember. Reala was very fine grain film that rendered beautiful colors. The white balance was awful on this film stock, either that or the lab didn’t do the color balance right. At any rate, I was able to correct it in photoshop pretty well.

Final Thoughts on the Film Photography

The results from the film scans obviously do not compare to my 32mp Canon R7 and L glass, but I had fun and that’s what is really important after all. I did much better with these rolls than I have done in the recent past. Once I forgot to rewind the film before opening the back and another time I didn’t manage to rewind the film all the way. Both ridiculous mistakes that I’ll chalk up to 20 years of not practicing with film!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a few pictures from last winter. Click each image to see the enlarged view.


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