Chickadee Between Storms

Mountain ChickadeeBeautiful morning today, sun shining, calm winds and a few stormy looking clouds on the Sangre de Cristo. We are between cold fronts and it appeared everyone was out taking advantage of the nice weather, including this little mountain chickadee. Actually there were a whole flock of them jumping from pine cone to pine cone foraging  for the pine nuts I assume. I just happened to catch this little fellow in the air 🙂

Finally got my Canon R7 set the way I want it… I think. The last two things were the hardest, perhaps that’s why I saved them for last. One was the EVF display information which I was having a lot of trouble with. I finally figured it out though, the trick is once you select all the things you might want available on the screen you have to go into a second setting called “Toggle” and edit the three displays that appear as you cycle through the info button three times. Now I can have a minimal display, a display with the histogram and a third display that includes the electronic level. I’ll probably just leave it at setting two, I kind of like having the histogram available while I’m looking through the view finder. Then of course I had to propagate those settings throughout all three custom functions. I have one custom function for bird photography, one for mammals and landscapes and the third I hardly ever use, but it is set up for long exposure photography.

The last thing was to configure the second memory card. The manual does a terrible job of explaining this, all it says if you click “Separate”, you can configure each card slot. No mention of an entirely different menu that allows you to assign a separate image quality to each card. One setting is in the camera settings menu, the other is in the shooting settings menu. Anyway, now I can have the raw files going to one card and high quality jpg files going to the other card. That way in case of a card failure, I’ll still have the images.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy the few images I was able to capture this morning!


Storm Warning

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Coyote on the Hunt

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