A New Strategy

May I start out by mentioning that this article is not relevant for my WordPress followers who already understand the concept of a blog post.


It has recently come to my attention that many of my social media followers are not aware that most of my posts are actually links to articles, videos and prints that I have produced. WordPress and Youtube both allow for the designation of a thumbnail image to entice viewers to click and open the product. What I get however are not visits to my blog and videos but instead likes and comments on the thumbnail itself.

So I have decided to put instructions on the thumbnail itself indicating to the viewers what to do, I.E. click the thumbnail to open the product, whether it be an article, a video, a print for sale or a link to some important information.

By the way, while you are here I would like to point out that each WordPress article has links to all my other products! If you are on a desktop the links are on the left, while phone viewers have a Menu button on the upper left. From there viewers can click to navigate to more blog posts, prints and gift items, stock images, Youtube videos, Kindle and paperback books, calendars and more books on Lulu Publishing and much more! Hopefully the image below will solve the problem, time will tell!

Misty Mountain Deer Herd Click to Enter Button

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