Baby Animals and a Story

Baby Bighorn Sheep on Mount Evans Colorado

A picture of a baby bighorn sheep sold from my website today, reminding me of the beautiful day I had while shooting that image. I was on Mount Evans some time ago looking for bighorn sheep and mountain goats to take pictures of. I found the main herd of mountain goats on the summit, including some awfully cute baby goats and had a wonderful couple of hours wandering around the summit of the 14k foot mountain. Eventually storm clouds began to roll in and ended my day on the summit but there was still hope of pictures at lower elevations, out of the range of the summit lightning.

Well anyway,  I came upon a good sized herd of bighorn sheep including a bunch of babies just as it started to sprinkle. Undaunted I got out of the truck and  began to shoot in the light rain. I was having a great time shooting the baby sheep frolicking in the beautiful yellow mountain wildflowers when one of them decided to take a run at me. Now this was before I had any real experience shooting wildlife and I still had my camera on single shot mode so I was no where near ready for this cute display. But I did my best, shooting one frame after another. Some were in focus and some weren’t, but by then the sky was so dark from the approaching storm that I wasn’t happy with any of them and have just left them untouched on the backup disk all these years.

Baby Bighorn Sheep on Mount Evans Colorado

Baby Bighorn Sheep on Mount Evans Colorado

But when I got the sale I was reminded of the shoot and decided to go back and try out all the latest advancements in image editing software to see if I could make something of them. Between the new Photoshop filters and Topaz AI tools I have to say I’m delighted with the results!

I also noticed that I have quite a collection of baby animals which gave me the idea to create a special gallery on my website just for baby animals 🙂 So if you like, pay the gallery a visit and enjoy a few minutes of cuteness!

As a side note, this was also the very day I decided to configure my camera for back button focus. I have the AF button in the back as my focus button with the shutter release removed from all focusing duties. Then I set the drive mode to AI Servo and if a situation like the charging baby sheep arises I can just hold down the AF button and the camera continues to refocus as long as I have the button depressed. Single shot mode can be achieved by simply pressing the AF button once and releasing. Then the camera won’t refocus until I push the AF button again. Having the shutter button refocus causes the camera to refocus every time you shoot a frame, not the optimal situation in a changing scene.


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