I’m a Publisher

Ghostly Figures in Foggy Mine Country

Well I did it, I’m officially a publisher. I wanted to publish a paperback version of my latest creation called “Two Decades of Digital Photography”. I have ebooks uploaded to Kindle and Lulu which is easy because they don’t require an ISBN. However print versions do require an ISBN and if you get one the easy way through Amazon or Lulu you aren’t the publisher, they are. And that means they have exclusive use of your publication.

The path to becoming your own publisher goes through Bowker.com where you can create a publisher account and get your own ISBN numbers. Today I did just that and ordered one ISBN, unfortunately getting just one is the most expensive way to go, you can get a block of 10 for much less per number. But I’m still in experimental mode so I just started with one.

The number showed up on my account waiting for me to assign a book to it, which I managed to do. So… what does it all mean? The paperback version of Two Decades of Digital Photography is now available for sale on Kindle and pending on Lulu while I wait on the mail for a proof copy for final review and approval!

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