The Victor on Ice Show

Victor on Ice

Well I got to try my hand at photographing an ice skating show in the tiny mountain town of Victor last night! My friend Olivia had been put in charge of choreographing the show so I had extra incentive to go see the first annual Victor on Ice! I had heard that there was a chain link fence around the rink so I made the mistake of not going prepared, as usual. Turns out there was a gap in the fence and I could have used my good microphone but it was left at home 🙁 Also left at home were my new cold weather gloves and parka so I about froze. I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess it was fairly comfortable in the daytime and I apparently have forgotten how fast and how cold it gets up here at 10,000 feet when the sun goes down!

Anyway, the show was a blast and I seem to have done alright given my limited video skills 🙂 For the stills I put my camera on manual with a 320th of a second, F4 aperture and ISO 4000, which seems to have worked well and I have some nice images to share with whoever is interested 🙂

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