Highlights from Steampunk

Highlights of the Steampunk Festival

We had our first Steampunk Festival sponsored by the Black Monarch in Victor over the weekend and it was a great success! The town was absolutely packed with steampunk styles and the festivities lasted well into the night all the way through Sunday! I’m not much of a Steampunker, but I did want to try out my Godox V1 outdoors and I have to say considering the brutal heat and direct sunlight it did pretty well, managing to even out the bright highlights and fill the dark shadows! However if I were actually being paid to shoot an outdoor session in bright light I’d probably consider using my AD200, or maybe even dual AD200’s in the dual head pack. I used the camera and flash both on manual and adjusted the output manually. Most of the day though I had to use the flash on full 1/1 power.

The festival featured street performers, live bands and vendors in tents lining the streets with merchandise such as jewelry, art and clothing. I happened to be there during the acrobatics show and am sad to say I couldn’t make the fashion show… but I hope you enjoy a few photographic highlights!


The Victor on Ice Show

Victor on Ice

Well I got to try my hand at photographing an ice skating show in the tiny mountain town of Victor last night! My friend Olivia had been put in charge of choreographing the show so I had extra incentive to go see the first annual Victor on Ice! I had heard that there was a chain link fence around the rink so I made the mistake of not going prepared, as usual. Turns out there was a gap in the fence and I could have used my good microphone but it was left at home 😦 Also left at home were my new cold weather gloves and parka so I about froze. I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess it was fairly comfortable in the daytime and I apparently have forgotten how fast and how cold it gets up here at 10,000 feet when the sun goes down!

Anyway, the show was a blast and I seem to have done alright given my limited video skills 🙂 For the stills I put my camera on manual with a 320th of a second, F4 aperture and ISO 4000, which seems to have worked well and I have some nice images to share with whoever is interested 🙂

Lighter Side of Christmas Parade

Gold Camp Christmas Parade

I couldn’t imagine a better evening for a Christmas parade, the temperature was in the 30’s, no wind, no ice to contend with and no slippery snow hazard in the pass. I’ve been wanting to get down to Woodland Park to photograph the parade for quite a few years now but something always seems to get in my way, last year of course the entire event was cancelled due to the virus. I shot this event about a decade ago… in -8 degree temperatures with an old Canon digital that was unable to produce a usable picture beyond ISO 400 and an old film era AA powered flash unit that took 30 seconds to recover a charge. I managed to capture a couple of nice images but pretty much the night was a bust. Very little to show for two hours of misery in the bitter cold.

Gold Camp Christmas Parade

Technology has come a long way since those early days of digital photography. My camera now has no trouble creating a beautiful picture at ISO 3200 and my powerful little flash GODOX flash unit runs on the latest battery technology. The V1 speedlight can shoot all night on one battery with a recycle time of about a second. Amazing…

I arrived  in town about two hours early to make sure I could get a close parking spot and headed over to my favorite eating and drinking establishment for a brat and a Dunkel. Beirwerks was already pretty busy by then with a good crowd gathered around the outdoor fire pit, awaiting the action on Mainstreet. I was early enough to find a seat at a table not too far from the warm flames and settled in to enjoy my refreshments.

Gold Camp Christmas Parade

Eventually I wandered downtown to see if I could find a strategic location along the parade route while I could still squeeze into the rapidly gathering crowd. As I made my way up the street I passed the concession area where hot chocolate and coffee were keeping the crowd warm and fires glowed in barrels that were brought in on every corner to warm the hands of the any chilled spectators.

Gold Camp Christmas Parade

My camera strategy was to find an exposure setting that would allow just enough ambient light to fill the background while exposing the foreground with my flash. I finally settled on an ISO of 3200 and a shutter speed of 1/125th of a second. I brought my 70-200 F4L lens due to it’s relatively fast speed for that focal length and the fact that the aperture remains static through the focal range of the lens. I don’t have a lens faster than F4 with that focal range so it was my best choice. Although as it turned out I would have probably been better off with my 24 -105 F4-5.6 since I was very close to the parade as it went by and my focal length would have been F4 most of the time anyway. Oh well, the long end of my F4L came in quite handy for a few of the shots! Once I was all dialed in I switched on the wheel locks to prevent inadvertent changes to my settings in the dark where it would be difficult to notice and correct.

Gold Camp Christmas Parade

Just as the parade was about to begin there was a delay as a couple of rednecks in a pickup truck apparently decided that the road barricades didn’t apply to them and drove directly toward the oncoming parade. A few minutes were wasted as the police escorted them off the parade route. As the floats cruised slowly past I did my best to pick out the best compilations through the darkness of night. A few times I switched off the flash to capture the overall scene up the street. I continued to shoot throughout the parade, all the while dodging Santa’s elves who were busy running around handing bags of candy to the children lining the streets.


Gold Camp Christmas Parade

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Gold Camp Christmas Parade

Watch “Cripple Creek Donkey Derby Days Festival” on YouTube

I hope you enjoy today’s video of our historic Cripple Creek Donkey Derby Days Festival!

Donkey Derby Days

90th annual Donkey Derby Days in Cripple Creek Colorado