Ready to Go!!!

S W Krull Imaging

JUL 11, 2021 AT 5:48 PMAlmost Ready

Still putting the finishing touches on the model portfolio branch of this business… I have the liability and equipment insurance squared away with the PPA, contracts and releases are printed up and my channel here is ready to go!

The last details today were the testing out of a couple pieces of new equipment. I recently acquired a quality microphone for the vlogging camera so today I hooked it up and dialed in the settings. I have to say it sounds really nice!!!

I also just added a third flash unit, my second Godox AD200. This one came with the standard speedlight head, and a bare bulb head with a globe diffuser. I also purchased nother 32 inch softbox for nice expansive soft light if needed. Also with that unit comes a barn door modifier and several colored gels 

So today I hooked all that up and tested it out with my transmitter, outstanding results 🙂 

So I think all I have left now is t find some models who need a portfolio and want to star in the show!

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