Cool Video Clip of an Osprey Dancing

We decided upon an unusual afternoon photoshoot in Eleven Mile Canyon hoping for some osprey pictures before

Osprey Diving on a Fish

Kevin goes on vacation. We arrived at the canyon and decided to go directly to the osprey nest. As we arrived at our vantage point high on the opposite bank it became apparent that the mother osprey was indeed in the nest. Hopefully father osprey wouldn’t be far behind.

Luckily it wasn’t a long wait and we spotted him flying up the canyon. Soon he was soaring and swooping and finally landed on a log on the riverbank, something we’d never seen him do before. As I watched him he was bobbing and weaving like a prize fighter and I decided to catch his antics on video. Soon he dove off the branch and plucked a fish right out of the water. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a shot of the fish, but I hope you enjoy this image of him in full dive.

Osprey in Fishing Mode

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2 thoughts on “Cool Video Clip of an Osprey Dancing

  1. Well that flight image certainly captures the heavy dive.
    (Lovely – all we saw here is some massive aircraft coming out of NASA’s airport…not sure what that huge thing was – and we’ve seen the shuttle’s shuttle, while as amazing as that was, man’s attempt at imitating flight isn’t as gracefully powerful as those in nature)

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