Eleven Mile Canyon Collection

Young bald eagle soaring past the cliffs

It was another wonderful day in Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado, not there is such a thing as a bad day in the canyon… unless of course you managed to fall off a cliff into the raging river??? Today I got some great shots of the young eagle in flight, a mule deer fawn, the papa osprey coming back from a fishing trip to feed his family and some nice shots of the river and the canyon itself 🙂

Bald Eagle Fledgling Soaring

Anyway, it occurred to me that I really needed to add an Eleven Mile Canyon collection on my website for just these very special images! Plus I know I will be visiting that place many more times to capture as many images as humanly possible of the amazing wildlife that can be found there! If you want to purchase a print or gift from this collection just click the link and enter the collection, or gallery as some would call it, click on an image you like and all the prices and product options will become available!

Fawn Mule Deer at Eleven Mile Canyon

So I started the day at the riverbank where the eagles usually hang around. The youngster was perched on a tree branch and mama was perched on another tree branch much further away. Eventually the eaglet put on a good show, circling a couple of times, flying past the cliffs and landing back on a perch near the nest. Somewhere along the timeline mama eagle had taken flight probably going back around the cliffs on a fishing trip, and never returned during my visit.

Mule Deer at Eleven Mile

While I waited for action at the eagles nest, a cute fawn mule deer went past on the other side of the river, eventually followed by mom who was obviously looking for the little tyke! She was on the right path so I imagine she managed to find him soon enough 🙂 Also entertaining me while I waited for the money shots were a gaggle of Canada Geese deep dive fishing in the water and some red winged blackbirds. The usual swallows were swooping around but they continue to evade my lens with their great speed!

Father Osprey and Fish

Next on my agenda was a journey up the canyon to check on the osprey family. I’m thinking we should be getting pretty close to seeing the chicks take flight. The oldest baby is almost the color of an adult and the other two seem to be a week or two behind in development. I noticed when I arrived that the father wasn’t in his usual position as sentry on a dead tree above the nesting area so I was hoping he would soon put on a good show, returning from his morning escapades. I was not disappointed, it wasn’t long and he swooped in and delivered a fish to his eagerly awaiting family! He made a fairly dramatic approach, gripping the fish with talons extended, while the youngsters were all looking intently at him with great anticipation 🙂

Osprey in Flight

I waited a while on my own perch hoping for more action, but it looked like the raptor family was just settling down for their morning nap. I decided to head on up the canyon a ways to photograph the scenery for my new collection before heading for home to examine the day’s bounty 🙂

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Whitewater of the South Platte River

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