I Can Fly!!!

Eaglet on the Nest

This morning’s hike yielded nothing but a good workout, save for a picture of a distant chipmunk on a rock. Birds were chirping all around, the prairie dogs sounding out their warnings, and coyote barking in the distance. But nothing reached the lens of my camera.

So this afternoon I made another visit to see what the bald eagles in Eleven Mile Canyon

Eaglet on the Nest

might be up to. As it turns out the adult eagles weren’t there but the youngster was in the nest still testing his wings. When I arrived he was perched on the branch above the nest but then moved back down into the safety of the large bowl. Eventually he posed on the front of the nest for a bit before jumping back down inside.

Female Redwing Black Bird

In the meantime I whiled the time away by photographing the red wings, the males chirping and showing off while the females gathered nesting materials from the ubiquitous cattails which are now bursting at the seams to scatter their seed. Today the females were very active so I practiced trying to catch them in flight. A couple attempts appear to have been successful, I’ll look those over better later.

Eventually the eaglet stood up and stretched to his full now impressive wingspan and took flight a few inches above the nest. I think it won’t be long before he is ready to take flight outside the nest and begin his life as our national bird 🙂

Eventually a walk up the trail along the river revealed this interesting bird which I have yet to identify, it appears to be some kind of grebe but I’m not sure.

Cute Water Bird

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