Mountain Freedom

Was watching the newest version of the story of the worst disaster on Everest when I heard an interesting quote that I had never noticed before. The scene was early in the movie when the group was resting and making small talk in their tents getting mentally prepared for their run at the summit. Beck Weathers commented that “When I’m at home there is a big black cloud following me, you know like a depression. But when I’m out here on a mountain, any mountain, it’s like it is a cure.”.

Summit Mount Elbert Colorado
Summit of Mount Elbert Colorado

The quote kind of struck a chord with me because I kind of get that. I think about the mountains all the time, of course that isn’t difficult when you can see them all the time! But when I haven’t been able to go anywhere for a while, or climb up high in a while I get the black cloud too. Like now for example, I started a new job in September working the graveyard shift, something that isn’t particularly good for me. I never get enough sleep, I’m tired all the time and there is no energy for a mountain adventure.

Finally though, I am done with the graveyards and going to day shift.  Even though I’m exhausted today, I hope to be able to  get out tomorrow, maybe on Little Grouse Mountain, to start getting back into 14er climbing shape. Don’t think I’ll be getting in any winter climbs this year, but the idea of an early summer climb on Quandary is starting to take seed in my mind. It looks like a fairly easy one as far as 14ers are concerned, and it is one I have never done. Looking forward once again to the freedom on the mountain!


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