Adobe Exclusivity

Was going to try an experiment today, actually I did begin the experiment by uploading a couple of #deer pictures from yesterday’s Magical Morning to my Adobe Port as exclusive files through the Fotalia interface. However then I got curious as to why the Adobe upload interface didn’t include the exclusive button and did a little research. From what I can understand it looks like Adobe doesn’t honor image exclusivity and pays the same commission regardless. Your Adobe images are mirrored on Fotalia and vice versa so if the image is purchased through Fotalia at this point, you will receive a larger commission on exclusive images.

Colorado Mule DeerThere are rumors however that eventually Fotalia will be completely absorbed by Adobe Stock and in that case exclusivity would be done away with so I am thinking that bothering with it is a waste of time. However I did upload two images as exclusive, so I will be carefully watching the return on investment of that action. My readers will be the first to know if there is anything useful to be learned from that! Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you want to be notified each time I publish!

Print sales are not affected by RF licensing issues, so these images will be available on my website in print form so wall art and gift items can be purchased as usual! My site sells lots of cool stuff, so be sure to click on an image and check out the possibilities!


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