Alpenglow sunrise on the Sangre de Cristo

Sunrise #photography on the Sangre de Cristo and the state of the stock photography industry

Adobe Exclusivity

Was going to try an experiment today, actually I did begin the experiment by uploading a couple of #deer pictures from yesterday's Magical Morning to my Adobe Port as exclusive files through the Fotalia interface. However then I got curious as to why the Adobe upload interface didn't include the exclusive button and did a … Continue reading Adobe Exclusivity

Ebb and Flow

Totally resisting going out into the world this morning. Monday on the  job getting harder and harder to face... After three days off from my unfortunate necessary supplemental job, the old body feels mostly like I haven't been run over by a  truck and I am not looking forward to the return of the pain. … Continue reading Ebb and Flow

Getty Images / iStock Unification Project

This is something that has been a long time coming... iStock, although still a separate entity has now been migrated to Getty servers and management. A couple of years ago a project to place iStock exclusive editorial content on Getty was announced, implemented and promptly withdrawn. In the meantime I was tormented by the fact … Continue reading Getty Images / iStock Unification Project

Creative Cloud

Just bought a new laptop, kind of a low end Lenovo but it's pretty fast, easy to set up and runs Photoshop very well.  Was too lazy to look for my old Photoshop CS2 disk and have been meaning to try out Lightroom and Photoshop CC for Photographers so I decided this was as good … Continue reading Creative Cloud