Amazing Day

Amazing end to an amazing day, fascinating how things turn out sometimes… but I’ll get to that later. The day started out great when I decided to explore a new trailhead that the troll doesn’t know about and I found a magnificent parking lot, an open space park and a whole network of trails, including a route to Bald Mountain. The puppies got some great exercise and it set the stage for a good day. A good workout at the gym followed by another little hike with the dogs in the woods surrounding the club, topped off with a brat and a beer at my favorite micro brew pub, Bierwerks :)Herd of Mule Deer

A flash of light and a massive crack of thunder brought my lazy lunch in the outdoor beer garden to a hasty end and I just decided to call it a day. Went home and took a long and badly needed nap. However when I woke up the silly dogs were restless again already and the cats were raising a ruckus for some food. Those cats are pigs! And I was craving ice cream so I decided we’d head out and see if we could photograph some deer before stopping for ice cream.

Sunset on Pikes PeakBut by the time I was halfway through town it was getting pretty dark and I knew it would be even darker where I was planning to look for the deer so I turned around and headed for the ice cream. On the way I caught a view of the peak and it looked like it was going to be a pretty sunset so I quick exited the highway and toodled up to my favorite peak viewing vantage point just as the clouds were starting to take on some color. It turned out to be a beautiful sunset on the peak and down the pass towards Colorado Springs too. Just as the colors were starting to fade over the peak the colors became even more vivid over Gold Hill and when that began to fade a herd of deer walked by. Lol… God was definitely smiling down on me today, a reward just when I was really starting to get discouraged about a recent spate of dull and uninteresting pictures! Today was a victory in the battle to get out and shoot when the voices say, “Don’t bother, it is just going to be a waste of time and gas.”.Sunset on Gold Hilll

Now I have almost 200 pictures to process, that is certainly going to take me awhile. I want to get a jump on it though so I will be up late tonight for sure. The pizza and ice cream I picked up on the way home will definitely lend a hand with that 🙂 The images can be purchased as prints or as commercial stock by clicking on the links at the left of the screen. Wall art on glossy metal or acrylic sheets and canvas is available along with many cool gift items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, shopping bags and greeting cards.


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