Difference a Few Days Can Make

Storm clouds roll in on the north face of Pikes Peak Colorado

The weather changes fast in Colorado, that much is certain! A few days ago I was making my morning rounds, the gym, the grocery store, the library, etc. until I finally ran out of things to do. So I stopped at my favorite Pikes Peak viewing location to walk the doggies. When I was done I was sitting in my truck, worn out from the late night before kind of dozing and wondering what to do next. Eventually I looked up and the beautiful sunny morning I was enjoying was changing fast! The approaching storm brought days of cold and snow to the high country and I was lucky to capture it rolling in over the north face of Pikes Peak. The whole show only lasted about 15 minutes before the peak was completely obscured by fog and clouds so I was lucky to have looked when I did!

Cute herd of curious mule deer

Today, only a few days later, the sun bathed the high country in beautiful springtime warmth and another day of photo opportunities. Almost missed it again though, so tired that I contemplated just calling it an early day. Fortunately the doggies were not ready to retire early and their eager faces were not possible to turn down… Loaded into the truck and off to the trail head we went. By then I was thinking the lighting was pretty nice so I decided to take a little drive after our walk to see if I could find some deer coming out for the nightly feeding. I have also been wanting to explore the Edlowe Road area, including some of the dirt road offshoots that I have been wondering about for years so this seemed like a good opportunity to do both.

Snow capped Pikes Peak Colorado

The journey paid off with a few really nice pictures of small herds of mule deer and some new views of the peak. Evidence of last week’s storms and snow are all but gone, a mantle of white on the peak is all that remains. And the aspen trees are starting to show signs of renewed life in the mountains of southern Colorado with a hint of green to mark the end of another long Colorado winter.

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