Excellent End to a Bad Day

Not such a great day… didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, one of those nightmares where you are half awake trying to accomplish some task that you can’t figure out and it won’t end… Finally woke up enough to just get up and wake up all the way so I could go back to sleep.

Mule deer in the woodsWoke up tired and sore but feeling slightly better than the last couple of days. Unfortunately that was not to last… got an email from the real estate agent with a whole list of things the seller decided to add after agreeing to my offer. Of course I told them to stuff it and I am now back to the drawing board on finding a place. Feel like I’m running out of time on finding a place :(

Went to the library to get caught up on the latest Outdoor Photographer Magazine issue and then decided to call it a day, but on the way home I decided that it might be a good idea to take a second hike with the doggies. Noticed that the crazy lady was out in her yard though… right along the path… the one who stares at me and gives me the evil stink eye every time she sees me. Like she is doing some kind of voodoo on me or something. So I decided to just drive around the long way and take the puppies to the trail head on wheels.

On our way up the mountain I heard this tremendous rumbling… almost like thunder. What the hell? Pretty soon I had to scramble off the road to get out of the way of a beat up pickup driven by some kind of “Hills Have Eyes” dude on the trail that isn’t even really a road. The truck really pissed Son Boy off, he’s not a big fan of red neck rigs as it is… He was so riled up we had to call off the trek and just go back to the truck. A fitting end to a complete and utter failure of a day it would seem.

Sunset on Pikes Peak ColoradoBut on the road back home I noticed a herd of deer getting ready for their nightly feeding only a couple blocks from home. Unable to think of any excuse at all not to photograph them, I put the dogs in the house and grabbed my camera. Got some nice shots of the deer, and as a bonus a few captures of a very nice sunset on the peak. Don’t know what the moral of this story is… I guess to keep going, you never know what you are going to encounter around the next bend!

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