Seasons Change

Seasons change ahead of time for us stock photographers. Ad campaigns are planned and images chosen ahead of time and I need to switch gears to stay ahead of the curve. Fortunately, with my lens broken and weeks of downtime to look forward to I have a wealth of imagery from last winter to draw upon. I imagine I could last all winter without a camera and no one would even notice.

Pike National Forest in WinterIn the winter months even the sun, with enough power to set afire the entire solar system from 93 million miles away,  is not able penetrate the massive monolith to our southwest. Pikes Peak and much of the valley below will not see sunshine until the vernal equinox. At its lowest point, the sun will be setting at 3:30, and I can’t say I’m ready to face the bleakness of the cold, darkness and snow just yet. Each year I hope that I will make it out of this tiny abode before the snow flies and once again I must resign myself to the fact that once again I did not. I will steel my spirit and remaining sanity for the new season with nothing between me and the cold but a poorly insulated piece of tin.

To add to the melancholy mood, next week I will take my co-worker to the airport to begin a new life with a new job. I’ll miss terribly her laugh and her spunk. Seems every time I get used to someone being around, they have to leave 🙁

This winter will be a bit different however, with a job I won’t have quite so many hours to while away alone at my keyboard and I won’t have to worry about whether I will have enough propane for the furnace. However I face the impossible situation of a landlord who will not allow me to leave my dogs at home without me and have no idea how I am going to be able to have them in my truck camper topper when it is too cold. I’m working on buying some property, so … still hoping for a miracle before it gets too cold. God will provide a solution, He always does.

But for now, these snowy images are not going upload themselves, so I’d better get to it and get them ready for sale! On the upside… I am experiencing a sudden substantial increase in sales with some real interest in my portfolio in Germany!


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