Going through the nearly 8,000 images I captured over the summer and fall making sure I have all the editorial photographs uploaded to iStock for the big transfer to Getty Images that is supposed to occur sometime shortly after the first of the year. One of my major photography goals for the summer was to photograph the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run. It is a special race for me as it was my first run in excess of the 10K distance many years ago, plus for my stock photography business I am well aware that the scenery and splendor of the race will be invaluable in my portfolio.

Most of my year prior to that had been taken up by Tricia’s illness and the necessary activities pursuant to her death that were required in order for me to move on with my life. Finally in June the stormy skies of hardship were starting to part and there was time to start thinking about beginning a life of my own, on my own. I was determined to capture this race so I made sure I was up early on that Sunday morning and in the park before all the roads were closed. Fortunately I was there in time to get a good parking spot in the park with plenty of time to get my gear ready and find a good vantage point.

Within a couple of hours the race was winding down and I was satisfied that I had a sufficient collection of images to tell the story of the race in an article for the Examiner and also for some good stock imagery as well. On my way back to the car I looked back and noticed some nice scenery and a view of the tiny runners headed back to Manitou Springs and the finish line. So I stopped and unpacked the camera for a few more images.

SummerI didn’t know until today how special one of those images would be to me. I hadn’t even heard of the Intemann Trail and had no idea that I would be exploring that and many other historic trails in the area over the rest of the summer. No idea that I would meet a special friend that I had only known by the words and pictures now possible through the miracle of the internet.

Today as I neared the end of the images to upload, one stood out. As I soaked it in I realized that this one image summarized my whole summer. My activities, my new friendship and a passing from my old life to a new life filled with promise and hope for the future. In this one image is the start of summer, the race, the fulfillment of a years long desire. In the background, Red Mountain, Iron Mountain, the path of the Intemann Trail, a summer’s worth of memories and the representation of a new friendship.

At the time this image was captured I had no idea that I would climb those mountains, hike those trails, write of their history, including the legend of Emma Crawford and cultivate a new friendship. Now as I look at that image, I am amazed that so much could be captured in one simple picture.

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