Spring Snow

It was about this time one year ago in a big April snowstorm while I was snowed in up in the mountains that the hospital decided to release Tricia to a nursing home following the surgery on her spine to remove the cancer in hopes that she would be able to retain the use of her legs. I remember she called me in distress because it had been four hours since she had gotten any pain medicine and she was really starting to freak. To make a long story short, the nursing home didn’t even have her pain meds and didn’t really care. After they hung up on me for trying to get it straightened out I made some calls and eventually she got a police escort in an ambulance back to the hospital. Needless to say there is one nursing home that I badmouth every time I get the chance 🙂

Aerial Garden
Aerial of Garden of the Gods from Mt. Cutler

So anyway, here it is, the middle of April and I’m snowed in again. I’m sure I could get out if I really had to, but I don’t like driving in the snow in the mountains. Even Fonzy, my die hard outside cat has decided to come in out of the cold and is sacked out on the bed sound asleep. So today I am taking the opportunity to get caught up on my stock photo uploads and my Examiner writing. I have been on some new hikes in Colorado Springs these days as I try to finish up my business with Tricia’s passing. I have been on a number of trails in the Garden of the Gods and now one in Cheyenne Canon. I have been wanting to explore the canyon for a long time so I am excited to finally get to do it. I made the Mt. Cutler Trail hike the other day and got some nice pictures of the views around there as well as some of Helen Hunt Falls, a nice place just up the road from there.

So now I have about a dozen photos ready to upload when I can get to the library to use their fast connection and a new article on the Mount Cutler Trail published on my Examiner account. What I’m going to do the rest of the day, I don’t know. I guess it’s time to look through the DVD’s and see if there is anything that trips my trigger. The forecast is calling for snow through tomorrow, so here’s to hoping they are wrong. I’m ready to see the sunshine again.

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