I awake to another day and it looks like it will be the same as the previous, an entire day devoted to battling cancer. A day of pills, treatments, logging activities, bandaging wounds, one monotonous activity melding into the next.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil” writes the Psalmist. God is not surprised or unprepared when our difficult situations arise. Never in my life has this verse been so appropriate, but we have hope. He walks freely between dimensions we cannot see and time is irrelevant to him. He is thoughtful to encode into a salmon’s DNA to swim the world’s oceans, yet at exactly the right time the fish returns to the very stream of it’s birth to spawn a new generation of salmon before it’s death. He knows the number of hairs on our heads and He knows when a sparrow falls.

So even though it appears that the day will hold nothing new, there is hope in the Great One that there will be change for the better. There is hope that today is the day He will remember where He left us and return to pick us up and put our “feet on the rock”.

I hope today is the day He touches her broken body with His healing hand. I hope once again today to make the time to get to the library to print my new writing packet from the Examiner for my CBS Local opportunity. I hope to be able to get out in the woods to stretch my legs and breath some fresh air. I hope today is the day He touches her broken body with His healing hand and I hope today is the day that cancer is a bad memory instead of today’s reality.

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