The Last Shall Be First

Smokey, our new feline addition has been with us about a month now, just happy to have some food and to be in out of the cold. He has made himself at home, finding a place he likes to sleep and always at the front of the line when it comes to feeding time. Sometimes there is nothing like our furry little friends to lend understanding to some spiritual truth and Smokey has stepped up to give me some heart warming insight. The Bible says, “The last shall be first and the first shall be last.”. Smokey has only been with us a short time while his little friends here have been with us over ten years. Yet he thinks nothing of marching right to the front of the line at feeding time and making the same demands of attention from his master that his older friends enjoy. And his confidence is just fine with his master who has no problem with treating him the same as his buddies 🙂 In other words, the spiritual truth here is that there is no difference in God’s eyes between spiritual veterans and new arrivals.

TiggerTime is flying and we are grinding through this Rocky Mountain winter. January is almost over, the days are getting longer and the north face of the big peak is beginning to see some light. Soon it will be time to train my camera lens back on the temperamental old rock for some new new views of her many moods. For now though my writing continues to be of winter. The Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series is half over, but the competition is just beginning as foul weather spoiled the running of the first races in the series. Snow is continuing to fall regularly and is still my favorite photographic subject for this time of year. As I look out this morning there is a fresh blanket of white and it looks like I will be doing some shoveling if I want to get anywhere today. On the other hand, it looks cold and gray and like a good day to just stay home and watch movies while my closest friend in this world recovers from another painful and unfortunate bout of pneumonia. As we roll into February I am looking forward to more hours of light, slightly warmer temperatures and more winter activities to photograph and write of. Be sure to subscribe to my news feed on the Examiner so you don’t miss out on any of this Rocky Mountain winter!

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