Autumnal Equinox

Autumn, my favorite time of year in the mountains. Today is the day that the sun passes the equator on it’s journey south for the winter, officially know as the autumnal equinox. In Colorado it’s the time of year that the rainstorms decrease in frequency and the leaves begin to take on autumn gold. In the high country the leaves have often achieved their peak color by this time and this year is no different. As I look at the high mountainsides on Pikes Peak I can see gold and hope that I get a chance to climb up there before the wind and the snow spoil the show.

Pikes Peak autumn

So far it has been a busy fall in Woodland Park with a bike race, an ultra marathon, the Cruise Above the Clouds car show, and finally this weekend the pinnacle of autumn, Oktoberfest. I am thankful that for the first time since I took up residence in this beautiful town all the forces converged to allow me to attend. There were a few wrinkles in my morning that threatened to overcome my plans, but the storm clouds held back and I had a great time enjoying some German cuisine.

Today I am basking in the satisfaction of having my fifth “Newsworthy” article published on the Examiner and sorting through a pot full of images from the bounty of events this season. According to the weatherman clouds and rain will remain with us all day, giving me plenty of time to sort through the pictures. I am looking forward to fleshing out my “Festivals” album on the S. W. Krull Imaging facebook page and hopefully sending a few up to my stock agencies.

Tomorrow will be sunny and with any luck the day will find me with my hiking boots on in the midst of Rocky Mountain autumn color.

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